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Pele's love-children finally unite!

Posted on August 27, 2008

Miracle on Old Street

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Turner Ankle

“The Apostrophes Prosthetics Department works yet another miracle”

Following Sunday’s bullish, muscular performance against Oceans 11, Turner’s long-term injury worries appear to be behind him.

“It’s great to have him fit again,” opined chairman Ernest Borgnine, “but that 5-year contract he’s been angling for is now bumpaper in the groundsman’s outside toilet.”

Fans’ forums are ablaze with rumours that Turner is hoping to move “on a Bosman” at the end of the next season when his £250,000-a-week contract expires.

One Response to “Miracle on Old Street”

  1. Midnight Beardsley Says:

    Yon Turnip’s new ankle is actually made from reclaimed bits of the notoriously-bionic Queen Mother making him technically 1,237th in line to the throne – FACT.