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Posted on June 28, 2012

Broken onions sideline Corbetto

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Sporting Apostrophes fans have just received the terrible news that team regular and individual goal-scoring record holder Gary “Bulldozer” Corbett has been ruled out for a possible 15 weeks due to injury.


Corbett is renowned for his shots both on and off the pitch and also for his robust no-holds barred tackles on even the largest opponent, but it appears that these are starting to take their toll on his 30+ body. Doctors have deemed it possible the hernia that has attached itself to Corbett may be defeated by his own super-defence mechanism but it will more realistically have to be cut from him.

A rueful Corbett told a press conference “I am devastated at this recent news. I have felt pain down below for a while but suspected it might be a simple thing like pregnancy but it turns out that it is more serious. Having tried to shake it off to no avail the only option is surgery which will sadly prevent me from performing for the fans but I am sure I can count on their support through these dark times.”


2 Responses to “Broken onions sideline Corbetto”

  1. Get better mate.


    Cheers Jose my passing abilities will be missed