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Posted on June 14, 2011

Sporting Apostrophes – Research Assignment

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Sporting Apostrophes – Research Assignment, Women’s World Cup

Australia vs Equatorial New Guinea

2pm kick-off, Sunday 3rd July 2011, location TBC.

Followed by:

Brazil vs Norway

6.15pm kick-off, Sunday 3rd July 2011, location TBC.

If we can’t find anywhere that’s showing these games I’m guessing we can just get pissed…

Please leave a comment indicating your availability for this unmissable Super A’s fixture.

10 Responses to “Sporting Apostrophes – Research Assignment”

  1. Yes. I arranged it, so it’d be almost rude not too. I can smell the astroturf from here.

  2. I’m away ib bath so can’t make it,sad news! Any reasons?

  3. It’s been so hard to field a line-up recently, that informal, boozy kick-abouts will prove easier in the short term. Who knows? Fate may bring us back to the league some day.


    Yeah I will go for a bit of the action

  5. mate im in

  6. Does anyone want to Jack the football part and just go to the pub on Sundays and watch football an drink?


    playing makes the beer taste better. also any chance of updated stats from sunday? i want to see what my buy out clause would be

  8. Im in, also happy to sack football off and go to the pub

  9. Right, screw kicking a ball, let’s watch women do so instead:

    2pm – Australia vs Equatorial New Guinea
    6.15pm – Brazil vs Norway

    If we can’t find anywhere that will show them we can just get hammered instead. Anyone care to suggest a location?


    most places will have the tennis on although i suppose the sportscafe in piccadilly would have them on. also Real Madrid want to know my current transfer value as they are interested.