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Posted on April 19, 2011

Sporting Apostrophes Charity Social

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As there’s no fixture next Sunday…

Sporting Apostrophes Charity Social
5pm kick-off, Sunday 24th April 2011.

TBC pub, Angel, Islington, United Kingdom.

For every unit of alcohol consumed the chairman has promised to pay 1p to DSAUK – a very worthy cause, I’m sure you’ll all agree.

Please leave a comment indicating your availability for this unmissable Super A’s fixture.

10 Responses to “Sporting Apostrophes Charity Social”

  1. Yes. And yes. For dessert? Yes!

  2. Rolf Harris Says:

    Sporting Apostrophes should steal the DSAUK motto:

    “Walk tall with short sport”

  3. i’m away to junkieland so cant make it, quality event tho

  4. im in! beer garden!

  5. Albino Essien Says:

    Im in.

  6. As it’s for a worthy cause why not

  7. Some of you may have noticed the website’s been down, which makes event organisation considerably more difficult.

    Not sure if anyone’s still up for this – if you are, can you confirm again on the blog as I don’t fancy sitting in a pub for the evening by myself!

    If there’s enough interest let’s meet at the Kings Head on Essex Road around 5pm.

  8. What is the pub of choice for this evening soiree?

  9. My own comment was waiting to be approved… Shocking.

    Anyone still fancy it?

  10. I still fancy it.Will aim to get there for 5:30