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Posted on August 4, 2009

Apostrophes rocked by vote-rigging scandal

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Turner Aborigine

“Turner ruled the The Beverly Hills Polo Club with an iron biltong”

Fans’ forums were ablaze following news of a vote-rigging scandal which has influenced the results of the Super A’s coveted Man-of-the-Match gong. Investigators have discovered a number of votes for Pacheco originating from Australia, identified by their IP address. Pacheco himself has been exonerated following interrogation, leaving the crooked finger of blame pointing at Turner, whose aboriginal roots are as sinister as they are proven.

“We’ll keep a close eye on the votes from now on,” chairman Ernest Borgnine informed the assembled media outside the crowd. “This prestigious award cannot and will not be abused.”

Turner has been dogged by controversy in recent months: allegations of player-poaching; leading the The Beverly Hills Polo Club into administration; reaching his 30s; onion sickness. The aging midfielder has much to prove in Sunday’s fixture against Minety.

4 Responses to “Apostrophes rocked by vote-rigging scandal”

  1. I swear on my aboriginal father’s petrol can it wasn’t me. But I did see several dingos in the area at the time… Fair dinkum!

  2. i think i went to school with the guy on the right!! that’s not a stick his holding!!

  3. Oh yeah, “aging midfielder” – how dare!

  4. Clint Dempsey Says:

    This may be the funniest picture yet.