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Pele's love-children finally unite!

Posted on March 19, 2009

Tevez saga repeated at Powerleague?

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Cameo Candy

“Referee John Candy appears nonplussed by Cameo’s erection during last Sunday’s 18-2 multi-manrape”

One Flew Into The Keepers Net are under investigation by Powerleague administrators following Cameo’s cameo for the Super A’s last Sunday.

“It’s no different to the Tevez saga. If One Flew Into The Keeper’s Net get promoted we deserve compensation,” complained chairman Ernest Borgnine, applying confused logic to the situation. “Right, so he isn’t actually our player, and we pretty much begged him to play, but still, there’s something fishy about this, and it’s not the smell of Irn Bru.”

Referee John Candy’s match notes, handwritten in chicken fat, make no mention of Cameo’s moonlighting, sparking rumours of favouritism.

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  1. He doesn’t look nonplussed to me