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Pele's love-children finally unite!

Posted on March 12, 2009

Player Aid – March 2009

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Bonell Bono Borgnine

“Borgnine, Bono and Bonell sip onion juice and talk about very important things”

Sporting Apostrophes’ “Player Aid” was officially launched today amid a blaze of publicity. With just four confirmed players for next Sunday’s clash with El Paso, this high-profile campaign aims to ensure the world’s favourite team fields a minimum of five players.

“I’m tired of the Africans moaning, and I’m up to my Phil Collins in so-called ‘green issues’ and this carbon nonsense that’s poisoning the orphans,” raved Bono, a life-long Super A’s fan. “Marvin Gaye was right: this world truly is a Great Big Onion, and the only thing that can keep it in orbit is some sweet, tippy-tappy goodness from the Apostrophes.”

Lend your support to this worthy campaign by nominating yourself for greatness next Sunday!

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