Sporting Apostrophes

Pele's love-children finally unite!

Posted on January 5, 2009

Where now for the Super A’s?

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Stickland Sitting

“Stickland’s smile belies his inner turmoil and soiled undergarments”

Sporting Apostrophes’ fourth consecutive defeat leaves the team seventh in the table, a mere four points ahead of Dynamo Kebab.

“What positives can we take from this season?” wondered one dejected season ticket holder as he committed the sin of Onan outside the club Ubermegabonusstore. “We showed great promise early on, but we’ve lost that winning feeling. It’s like a paraplegic having a poo – sure, it comes out of the right hole, but if you can’t feel it what’s the use?”

Potential sponsors are encouraged to approach the club immediately with a view to agreeing a cut-price kit deal. Low three-figure offers will be considered and most probably accepted.

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