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Pele's love-children finally unite!

Posted on December 10, 2008

The appliance of science

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Sporting Apostrophes Gym-1

“The team strike a pose. Back row, left to right: Farnsworth, McInerney, Turner, Lissimore, Hinceman. Front row, left to right: Bonell, Wessely, Kimberley, Hawkins.”

Sporting Apostrophes’ refurbished “Gymansium” [sic] opened this morning with an open training session for journalists and a handful of disabled, terminally ill, albino, ethnic minority orphans.

“This facility pushes the boundaries of fitness AND sexuality!” chairman Ernest Borgnine enthused at the official unveiling. “State-of-the-art exercise machines combined with industry-leading statistics – one wonders whether we’ll ever lose again?!”

Following a special request from Lissimore, the new complex has been declared a yeast, wheat, sugar, tar and glue-free zone.

4 Responses to “The appliance of science”

  1. Damn! We are HOT!!!

  2. I must remember to wear gold chains more often.

  3. Midnight Beardsely Says:

    I am a particular fan of the back-of-knee-a-sizer machine.
    Strength in the knee is ESSENTIAL to professional standing-still and the back if the oft-overlooked component in this hard working leg-constituent. Form a long queue behind me – I’ll be on it for some time.
    Of interest to Young Turnip might be the “Ankleator”. His notoriously flappy lady-ankles are forever giving up the ghost and require serious building up.
    Gentlemen, let’s ‘Master Our Arses’.

  4. Is it wrong to feel a stirring in my underpants?