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Posted on June 10, 2008

The Super A’s on film

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An exciting photo story from the injured Bonell.

“The heroes admire the famous red bibs”

Super As 1

“Bocchi deploys his most fearsome weapon, the bald spot turn”

Super As 2

“Davies left without support for the umpteenth time”

Super As 3

“Kimberley unleashes some Birmingham flair”

Super As 4

“Stickland thrives on instinct, not tactics”

Super As 5

4 Responses to “The Super A’s on film”

  1. The Elegant Swede Says:

    For more photos, executed with an excellence not unlike that of Tomas Brolin’s World Cup 94 appearance, go to Flickr;

  2. Cracking pics ES – a layman might think we possess some skill looking at those!

    Heja Sverige!

  3. Floating Puffer Says:

    No photos of Hawkins and the comedy fouls??

  4. Nice to see the bibs were being put on with a stirring rendition of ‘Allo ‘Allo on in the background to really fire us up…