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Posted on March 12, 2012

New kit landing soon!

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Exciting times indeed. £12 a go, let me know what size you want please. (Anyone not responding by the end of the week will be allocated the size that I think will fit you best.)

Medium (38/40)
Large (42/44)
Fat boy (46/48)

If you want a number on the back, it will be an extra £2.50. Numbers will be assigned on a first come, first served basis. The following legacy numbers are unavailable:

3. Hawkins
8. Tinsley
10. Pacheco
15. Stickland

Hit me!

14 Responses to “New kit landing soon!”


    give me a fat boy with the number 69 or 33 thanks any pics of the kit?

  2. Alan Helicopter Says:

    Yes, I’ll go with number 3.

  3. Can’t wait!

    May i have a large please, I’ll stick with ten as my number.


    actually 33 will be grand 🙂

  5. A medium for me with number 9 would be quality.

  6. Medium with 7 please for when I return.

  7. What are the shirts? I know we talked about it on sunday but to be fair I don’t remember much after the 5 pint marker. I’ll be in for one with 11 on the back.

  8. Oh and the size would be helpful I’m guessing. Medium should be fine.

  9. I’ll probably need a ‘Large’ to cover the belly (unless the shirt is so long it’ll look like a dress on me). I’d like a No.5 please, to reflect my occasional “Volante” role in the team.

  10. No. 15 (ex-legacy) Says:

    Encouraged by the enthusiasm shown for a new strip, club chairman Ernest Bognine has commissioned an industry-leading 3D artist to drop a visual representation of the squad’s new look from the depths of his conceptual bowels. Stay tuned…

  11. No. 15 (ex-legacy) Says:

    So far we have the following shirts assigned:

    3. Hawkins
    5. Moss
    7. White
    8. Tinsley
    9. Hart
    10. Pacheco
    11. Murphy
    15. Stickland
    33. Corbett

    I’ll hang off ordering till Monday morning, so if anyone else wants to get stuck in then get stuck in!

  12. No. 15 (ex-legacy) Says:

    And Chairman Borgnine has released the new no-expense-spared digital simulation of the squad wearing the new strip!

  13. Andrew 'dunny' Dunne Says:

    Sweet yeah put me down for a medium with number 4 please – I cant play this week due to mothers day but should be fine for the week after. Let me know if you want me to transfer money


    I think Harry Redknapps dog is looking after the financial side of things